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Blue Mountain Gurdwara, Bethel, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Gurdwara is located in the city hub you can view the daily routine of gurdwara sahib in day at gurdwara section..

The Blue Mountain Gurdwara Bethel, Pennsylvania, United States of America was founded in the Early Eighties The Sikh Community was growing rapidly and there was an urgent need for a local Gurdwara for the congregation to attend. Initially the Gurdwara held smagam’s at a local community center. After enormous obstacles the Gurdwara Committee purchased a small building . Within a few months the Gurdwara Committee realized that the building was too small for Sangat. The Gurdwara Committee purchased a parcel of land, and then bought other two adjacent parcels over the next few years, which brought the total land owned by Gurdwara to about 5 acres.